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Burkina Faso Application Fall 2019

September 6-15, 2019 $2,200
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Dates & Times

  • Sep 6-15, 2019
    6:00pm - 8:00pm


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About Burkina Faso Application Fall 2019

We're excited that you are interested in joining a team to Burkina! We believe that you will find this time of prayer and preparation just as meaningful as the trip itself. Know that we are here to help you take your next step in receiving and sharing the love of Jesus through International Missions.

Below is more detailed information about the trip and paperwork items you will need prior to departure. It is not necessary to have the required forms completed prior to submitting your application but are listed below so you are aware of what is required to enter the country.
One of the main products produced in Burkina Faso is peanuts. You will find them in sauces, dishes as well as growing along side roads and pathways. If you have a allergy to peanuts please be aware of this as you are praying through this opportunity.

Your week in Burkina will involve supporting the local church through:

Building a Hangar: A hangar is a structure that consists of posts and sheet metal that the church will worship under. You will experience evangelism underneath the stars as the church reaches out to it's community during this event while working alongside local Pastors and Church leaders to advance the gospel and hope of Jesus. This is sure to broaden your perspective on the magnitude and depth of the Body of Christ and forever connect you to the Unity of believers.

Handicapped Ministry: You will encourage and pray with individuals who have a disability that has limited their mobility, social status and dignity. As a team you will be able to pray over them as they receive a hand pedaled bike that helps to restore some of these issues. The joy on their faces is something you will never forget.

Compassion Visit: You will visit a Compassion International site and learn the importance of education in changing the course of poverty. You have the opportunity to sponsor a child prior to your trip and visiting that child while in Burkina. This is just one way you can make a difference in the life of a family well after your trip experience is over. This visit is often the highlight of a trip and allows you to continue to share the love of Jesus then and into the future.

Estimated Trip Cost: $1700-2200 depending on airfare with $300 non refundable deposit due at first team meeting.



*Background Check through The Summit

*Required Vaccinations: Yellow Fever (recommended: HepA/B, Tetanus,

*Visa ( will be discussed in first meeting)

*Attendance to Team Meetings (Dates to be determined at first meeting)

Click Register to fill out your application or if you would like to speak with someone prior to completing your application we would love to hear from you at missions@thesummitchurch.net